Patent troll Uniloc takes a hit

A few months ago I wrote a post about intellectual property telling the story of a small company called Laminar Research which might be forced to shut-down due to a lawsuit they’re facing.

Well, I was glad to read this morning that the same patent-troll, Uniloc, got their claim against Rackspace dismissed by a chief judge Leonard Davis which based his ruling on U.S. Supreme Court case law that prohibits the patenting of mathematical algorithms. This is the first reported instance in which, an early motion to dismiss finding a patent invalid because it claimed unpatentable subject matter, is granted.

Rackspace, even though being way bigger than Laminar research, still needed Red Hat support which provided Rackspace’s defense. Laminar research were not that fortunate. Just a thought.

Patent troll Uniloc takes a hit

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