Blog renovation

In this world of technology using wordpres for blogging seems to be the right choice, I mean, in the last couple of months I noticed that I kept postponing writing stuff in my blog due to the overhead of maintaining my own simple html blog. So I finally took the time to install & configure WP and boy, that wasn’t simple…

I think that for non-developers it would be a quite tedious task if not impossible. For example, in order to fix a bug (the “continue reading” feature didn’t work) I had to go to different forums until I finally found out that I need to change code in /wp-content/themes/<my template>/content.php

And that was only one of the tweaks I had to do. If I would start listing all the problems I had, then the most important ones will be:

  • folder permissions problem – prevents you from upload media and plugins to your server (to fix you have to run chown and chmod from linux prompt!)
  • fix .htaccess (because of the same permissions issue) manually in order to add WP additional lines
  • manually set favicon.ico turned out to be a real pain too (edit /wp-content/themes/<my template>/header.php)
  • manually change /wp-content/themes/<my template>/footer.php to NOT display “Proudly powered by…”

But on the bright side:

  • It’s so nice to easily install (after you got over the permissions-issue) plugins like:Sociable and All in One SEO Pack
  • The speed is very good even though I didn’t install a cache-plugin just yet (this is also the place to recommend the CDN services of cloudflare (I use their free package)
  • easy to choose, install and configure a template (but then again, if you’re very meticulous and want to move a certain line one millimeter to the right – get ready to dive into tons of php & css code…)
  • you get to have comments “out of the box”
  • and much more (tags, categories, menus, tons of free plugins etc)

So by all means, if you’re using another CMS for blogging purpose (I had my experience with Joomla, Drupal and Magento store – but I got to admit that I didn’t try blogger) you should re-consider your choice.

I’ll wrap up with the following cute joke:
A programmer tells his friend that yesterday he almost got busted when his wife asked him which one he loves more: her or his computer.
Friend: So, what did you reply ?
Programmer: I said I love her more
Friend: good choice! so, why do you say you almost got busted?
Programmer: cause luckily, she didn’t ask me about my laptop…

Blog renovation

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